About Nighthawk Brewery

Like many brewing endeavors, Nighthawk had pretty humble beginnings. Back in 2010, Ethan decided he wanted to try brewing his own beer, so he hunted down some home-brew supplies and set up shop in his garage. It was certainly a trial-and-error learning experience but despite those few (or, let’s be honest, many) messy situations, brewing became a hobby Ethan loved – so much so that as he sat around on summer evenings sharing his delicious experiments with the neighbors he would often talk about one day opening his own brewery, and joked that he would of course have to name it after the street he lived on since that’s where it all began.

Three years later, the idea of turning the small home-brew operation on Nighthawk Circle into a legitimate business became more and more plausible. Ethan knew a fellow home-brewer through paintball who agreed to share his talents with us and make Nighthawk happen (and, let’s face it; Adam didn’t need much convincing). Despite the progress Nighthawk has made since 2010, none of us are eager to ditch our humble roots. We understand that approaching microbreweries can be a daunting task for those who don’t consider themselves “beer nerds”, but we will never forget that everyone (ourselves included) has to start somewhere. It will always be our goal to welcome beer lovers of all walks of brewing life so swing on by, grab a drink and welcome to the neighborhood.

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+1 720-262-3900

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