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 As a nano-brewery, we make less than one barrel of beer per batch and therefore cannot produce nearly the quantity as other breweries around. It also means that we can afford to brew many different styles of beer in smaller quantities with attention to traditional styles and creative “experiments”. Instead of having a few flagship beers available at all times, we release two new beers each month. These are only around while they last and then will be supplanted by the next styles in line. You can think about it as brewing only *seasonals* such as a stout or a winter warmer in the winter, a nice malty brown in the fall, or a refreshing kolsch or hefeweizen in the summer. However, the best received ones will get duplicated (but not that often) and quite possibly may become flagship beers down the line.

The Name

The peaks that flank the fair city of Seattle were the ultimate inspiration for our brewery’s namesake. Our founder and head brewer, Kevin Klein, is an avid mountaineer and has combined his love for alpine climbing with a love for a good beer at the end of the day. All of our beers are appropriately named after a noteworthy peak climbed by Kevin here in the Pacific Northwest. Each month you will be able to read a description of the climb and how the beer compliments that peak. (If you want the full story of the climbs you can check out Kevin’s personal site which lists them all on the right.) What better name for a brewery reaching for the heights of taste and adventure?

Community Supported Brewing

Similar to a CSA, we provide Seattlites with local, seasonal beer that can be bought directly from the brewer. We focus on quality, not quantity and celebrate the more flavorful varieties. Each month, members of the mountainBeers will be able to pick up a growler (or two or three) of hand-crafted brew designed by our head brewer, Kevin Klein. Join the mountainBeers and discover new styles or enjoy your old favorites every month.

Kevin Klein – Founder/Brewmaster

Kevin started homebrewing in 1998 and has been a member of the North Seattle Homebrewers since 2000. Soon after getting his doctorate in molecular biology at UW, Kevin knew that his real passion was brewing beer and sharing his product with friends. It turns out that science and brewing aren’t so different after all and, a few experiments later, everyone agreed that he should make his beer available to everyone. Although his friends are disappointed that he has moved his keggerator from the basement to the bona fide brewery, they are excited to finally be able to take it home and enjoy it where ever they choose.

Beers made by Northwest Peaks Brewery

Challenger IPA

American IPA

Eldorado Pale

American Pale Ale (APA)

Redoubt Red

Irish Red Ale

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