The goal of Ocean Beach Brewery is to craft a distinctly local beer that is as much a testament to the community around us as it is to the art of craft brewing. It is our intent to present craft beers that are innovative in spirit and a cause for pleasent contemplation, while our three-story, rustic-tasting room provides an inspirational view of Ocean Beach; a combination that invokes a sense of enjoyment that is unparalelled on Newport Avenue. Every aspect of Ocean Beach Brewery is an experiment in artistry with Ocean Beach as our exclusive muse.

San Diego is known around the world as a destination for lovers of craft brews. In that spirit, It is Ocean Beach Brewing Company's mission to continue that tradition by providing Ocean Beach with its own claim to fame. A place were locals and the rest of the world can visit, and walk away knowing that they've partaken in something uniquely O.B.

Our Beers

Hidden Gem