About The Orkney Brewery

The tranquil Orkney Islands, with their fertile farming lands and fishing grounds, have been inhabited for over 5000 years. In fact, we’re just one mile away from one of the most famous Neolithic settlements in Northern Europe – Skara Brae.  Our brewhouse was born from our history and traditions. So as you can imagine, we’ve had a long time to make sure we get it right.

Our processes create only the finest hand-crafted ales, using the traditional methods developed and handed down through time. Only the finest ingredients and purest Orcadian water can create these outstanding, full-of-flavour ales. So next time you sip one of our brews, you can be sure it was made with the best malt, hops, yeast, Orcadian water — and a long, long history of making quality ales.

Beers made by The Orkney Brewery

Clootie Dumpling

Winter Warmer

Corncrake Ale

English Pale Mild Ale

Dark Island

Scottish Ale


English Stout

Northern Light

English Pale Ale

Orkney Gold

American Blonde Ale

Puffin Ale

English Pale Ale

Raven Ale

English Pale Ale

Red Macgregor

Scottish Ale

Skull Splitter

Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy

Brewery Contact

Phone Number

+44 1856 841777