About PangPang Brewery

PangPang Brewery is known for its unique, hand made beers and unconventional brewing methods. One example is PangPang Bongwater, an Imperial stout for which a fermenter is rebuilt into a bong and cigars are being smoked trough the wort.

The brewing process is central in the PangPang philospphy "Anyone can come up with an idea for a beer. But to come up with the idea, figure out the process, and then actually making it, thats what's fun. That's brewing!".

In 2010, then 25 year old Fredrik Tunedal set out to start Stockholms first craft beer brewery. To show his commitment to the project, Fredrik decided to tattoo the company name on his fists:

"I knew it would be tough, and that I would want to give up at times. Tattooing PangPang on my knuckles was a way to make sure I wouldn't quit." Today PangPang is one of the most influential breweries in the nordic region. 

Beers made by PangPang Brewery

Shower Beer

American Pale Ale (APA)

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+46 76 016 01 23