About Paradigm Shift Craft Brewery

How it all started...

The brewery was talked about for a number of years while sitting around homebrewing. As time went on and recipes were tweaked for competitions it seemed like the next logical step was to make the leap. After a corporate takeover and elimination of my job the timing was ripe to pursue the dream. The name Paradigm Shift came from my past life in continuous improvement. It was my job to get people to look at things differently and think outside the box, hence make a “paradigm shift”. With brewing I am trying to accomplish that same goal with beer in getting people to make the shift to craft beer.

The Brewery

Paradigm Shift is a 10 Barrel production brewery. We have a 3 vessel brewhouse along with 3 fermentation vessels. We also have 3 brite tanks in the cooler. We currently produce a wide range of beers to accommodate the newer to craft pallet as well as dark beers and hoppy ones. We also have a nitro handle.

Beers made by Paradigm Shift Craft Brewery

Brewery Contact

Paradigm Shift Craft Brewery Address

128 North Avenue NE
Massillon, Ohio, United States

Phone Number

+1 (330) 880-0008

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