About Pile O’ Bones Brewing Co.

We are four friends with strong homebrewing roots who are excited to share our passion for hand crafted beer with the world. With more than 20 years of homebrewing experience, each one of us is a well accomplished homebrewer in our own right. At Pile O’ Bones Brewing Co., we’re excited to work together to take our beers to the next level – and to a pint glass or growler near you!

As a small-batch brewery, we are dedicated to producing high-quality, creative beers for craft beer lovers in Regina and beyond. We take great pride in being Regina’s only downtown brewery. We want to be part of the downtown community, its culture and its people.

Brewing is as much art as it is science. Creativity is in our nature. But brewing isn’t just about the creative process, the true joy in brewing craft beer is in sharing it with others – whether it’s with a craft-beer lover seeking out their next new brew or it’s a “macro-beer” drinker trying something that’s not “their regular brand”.

We love to brew. But we love to share our love for craft beer even more. We hope you enjoy our beer.

Our name

Pile O’ Bones Brewing Co. gets its name from the original settlement that became Regina, Saskatchewan in 1882. The name came from the piles of buffalo bones that were piled up by First Nations hunters who would hunt the buffalo herds here prior to permanent settlement. It was believed the bison herds would come back to visit the piled up bones. When settlers arrived they called it Pile of Bones.

So we chose Pile O’ Bones as a nod to Regina’s past and to reflect our commitment to our community. It also symbolizes the resurgence of craft beer. Like the plains bison that narrowly escaped extinction, hand crafted beer narrowly survived the growth of large beer producers. Craft brewers are here to survive.

Our logo incorporates the bison and our name is stacked just like the piles of bones you might have seen towering over the prairie over a century ago.

Our commitment

We are craft beer drinkers and award-winning home brewers. We know you only get out of a beer what you put into it. That’s why we’re committed to using the best quality ingredients we can get our hands on and treating them with respect. Whether it’s malt and other grains, water, yeast or hops; we pay attention to every detail to ensure we’re producing a quality craft beer for you.

Beers made by Pile O’ Bones Brewing Co.

Chocolate Stout

American Stout

Pale Ale

American Pale Ale (APA)

Red Ale

American Amber / Red Ale


American Amber / Red Ale

Scarth St. Ale

American Blonde Ale

Space Cadet IPA

American IPA

White IPA

American IPA

Coconut Porter in Paradise

Seasonal American Porter

Razzberry Porter

Seasonal American Porter

Vienna Lager

Seasonal Vienna Lager

West Coast IPA

Seasonal American IPA

Brewery Contact

Pile O’ Bones Brewing Co. Address

1808 Cameron Street
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Phone Number

+1 (306) 546-BEER

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