About Pirate Life Brewing

In the Summer of 2014, Perth brewers Jack Cameron and Jared ‘Red’ Proudfoot led a convoy of associates, chums and troublemakers on a journey across the Nullarbor Plain. Their final destination? Adelaide, South Australia - where a modest 1,000 square metre plot in the inner western suburb of Hindmarsh was patiently awaiting their arrival.

It was here that duo established Pirate Life Brewing and with the site keys buried firmly in their back pockets, an ambitious build schedule was put in to place: Install a 2,500 litre brew-kit, hook up six stainless steel fermentation vessels, lock in a semi-automated canning system and begin brewing their very own recipes in just 12 short weeks.

Never ones to shy away from a deadline, Jack and Red got to work; and with the help of MC (Jacks dad, hospitality veteran and founding CEO), they promptly began transforming the site previously used to house spare air conditioner parts in to a fully functioning brewery.

Beers made by Pirate Life Brewing

Hazy IPA

Limited Release American IPA


American IPA

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+61 8 8317 2111

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