About The Porterhouse Brewing Company

In 1996 we opened The Porterhouse in Temple Bar, putting in Ireland's first brew pub. Sometimes you feel like a pioneer but remember, pioneers got shot by the Indians and the settlers took their land. Thus, there we were, in a land rich in culture of drinking but totally dominated by large global drinks companies. Nobody thought we had a chance - least of all our accountants. But that was then and this is now. 

In 1999 we opened a Porterhouse in Covent Garden, London, followed by the Porterhouse in Glasnevin, Dublin. Then we purchased Lillie's Bordello and created Porterhouse Central on Nassau Street, Dublin and most recently we have opened a franchise in New York in a marvelous historic tavern called Fraunces Tavern. This wonderful building, located in the financial district, houses not only a museum dedicated to George Washington (after all he did celebrate the American Revolution with his officers there), along with a great restaurant in Fraunces Tavern, but now also a Porterhouse Bar stocking not just our wonderful stouts and ales imported from Ireland, (Please note our stouts and ales are brewed in Ireland and shipped to the US.) but also some great American craft beers and some fantastically interesting beers from around the world. 

So come and visit one of our bars and drink some genuine Irish Stout. Oh, and by the way did you happen to know that our Plain Porter has won a gold medal at the world’s most prestigious international brewing industry award (it is the brewing Oscars) not once but twice in 1998/1999 and 2011/2012. Not only are we very proud of our beers but also we happen to brew The Best Stout in the World and we brew it here in Dublin. 

We would be delighted if you take the time to visit one of our fine establishments and maybe just keep in contact.

Beers made by The Porterhouse Brewing Company

An Brain Blásta

English Strong Ale


American Adjunct Lager

Dublin Pale Ale

American Pale Ale (APA)


Euro Pale Lager

Hop Head

American IPA

Oyster Stout

Irish Dry Stout

Plain Porter

Irish Dry Stout

Porterhouse Red

American Amber / Red Ale

Temple Brau

American Adjunct Lager

Wrasslers XXXX

Irish Dry Stout

Brewery Contact

The Porterhouse Brewing Company Address

Dublin, Leinster, Ireland