About Poseidon Brewing Company

People are always amazed to learn that in addition to a carefully controlled, highly systemized brewing process, there’s hidden complexity and considerable creativity behind every Poseidon craft beer.

Long before we even start running our seven-barrel system, we start with malted barley, or barley that’s been allowed to germinate and kilned to different degrees. So it’s this that’s the cornerstone to our craft. For each and every batch, this grain, which can range in color from soft gold to coffee-bean brown, gives us sugars, soluble starch, and enzymes—or, the precious base ingredients upon which every Poseidon Brewing Co. beer is based.

From there, milling cracks open this malted barley to expose the starchy insides, then we transfer this to our mash tun. Here, the grain gets a good, slow soak with water. This is called the “mashing in” phase of the process, where we’re converting the starch into simple sugars.

The mashing in now provides us with a sweet, malty liquid called “wort.” This wort transfers into our stainless-steel boil kettle for greater heat and total sterilization. Also at this point, we pitch in the perfect variety, quality, and amount of hops for that desired beer. The bitterness from the hops balances the malt sugars as well as adds distinct aroma and flavor.

While we’re boiling the wort and hops in the kettle, we check it religiously, playing “chemist” to ensure the right amount of sugar, or gravity, which later helps determine the percent of ABV—or alcohol content. During various phases of the boil, we also play “chef,” adding in spices and other ingredients depending on the beer we’re making. For example, we might add coriander, chamomile, or locally harvested citrus or honey to further shape the aspired-to taste.

Next, we transfer our wort into a whirlpool vat that separates out the hops, proteins and solids, resulting in clarification. Then, we move into fermentation phase…ever heard the old saying, “The brewer makes wort, and the yeast makes the beer”? No doubt, at Poseidon, we’re solely responsible for the worth of our wort. But it’s the unique and powerful strain of our strategically selected yeast that converts the malt sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide. This is fermentation magic at its best—when yeast greedily consumes the sugar and brings in a signature flavor.

Depending on the desired hoppiness and character, we’ll then dry-hop the beer in the fermenter to boost natural aroma and flavor if, for example, we’re going for a high-hop brew like our Dirty Diver Double IPA. For a lighter beer, like Battleship Blonde, we may not dry hop it at all. Through conditioning, the beer matures, softens, and rounds out nice and clear. We then transfer it on to the bright tank for carbonation and further clarification. Within a day or two, we’re ready to serve it, whether kegging it for distribution or for us to pour and you to enjoy.

But wait! There’s more…in the case of our firkins, we’ll experiment with our beer, adding in fruits, spices, chocolate or perhaps peppers. Aging these brews along with their ingredients gives them their unique taste and signature carbonation. In the case of our nitrogen narcosis series, this is when we charge it with the right amount of nitrogen instead of CO2. Take a sip, experience the quality and care for yourself. From grain to glass, Poseidon’s focus on the chemistry and its craft will be clear.

Beers made by Poseidon Brewing Company

Bottom Time Black Ale

Limited Release American Strong Ale

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