About Post-Game Brewing Co.

Post-Game Brewing Co. is built on three specific pillars of Team, Taste and Value.

Our vision at Post-Game Brewing is to provide great tasting, approachable local beer that all consumers can enjoy at competitive prices.

Our beer is all-natural, with no preservatives or additives that is cold-filtered, providing a smooth, clean and refreshing taste!

Our first and flagship beer, Locker Room Lager can be found in local bars, restaurants, all across Ontario in the LCBO, The Beer Store, Manitoba Vendors, the MBLL and all throughout Alberta!

Thank you for all your continued support.



Beers made by Post-Game Brewing Co.

Locker Room Lager

American Adjunct Lager

Brewery Contact

Post-Game Brewing Co. Address

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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