About Pravda

At Pravda, we believe 95% of beer manufactured in Ukraine can not be called “beer”. The success of this “beer” is determined by marketing experts, but by not the brewers themselves.

Our mission is to give people an opportunity to drink “true” beer. We believe that Lviv deserves to have its own unique beer style, properly recognized all over the world. We, the brewers, are working hard to create this unique style.

Pravda beer has been spoken about worldwide, and through our beer, Lviv and Ukraine have received worldwide recognition.

We’ve brought together the best brewers from Ukraine, Belgium, Czech Republic and the USA to brew beer at Pravda, as we believe collaboration is important for the spirit of the brewing industry.

We are constantly experimenting with pushing the experience of craft beer. We are the only brewing company in Ukraine that brews beer with fresh hops, elderberry flowers, sunflowers… And   whatever unique ingredients we can get our hands on.

Beers made by Pravda


American Adjunct Lager

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Phone Number

380 50 374 4986