About Pure Project Brewing

It all started back in 2013 when friends from San Diego, Jesse Pine and Mat Robar were on a backpacking trip with friends in the Rocky Mountains.  Now if you have ever been backpacking, there is not a whole lot distracting you out there, so you tend to talk a lot on the trail and that is where it started, on the slow climb to the top of a 12,253 ft mountain in Colorado…

Jesse had recently moved to Costa Rica and was starting to become acquainted with the country.  The conversation flowed from the scenic vistas he had seen to hidden beaches, exotic local fruits and eventually settled on beer oddly enough.  You see at that time in Costa Rica, there weren’t many options for beer other than mass produced local lagers.  That being said, Jesse had attended the country’s 2nd annual craft beer festival and saw that it was starting to gain some traction, not just with American expats looking for a taste of home, but also with the local population.

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