Rabbit Hole Brewing is a craft brewery located in Justin, TX, nestled cozily in the Northwest Corridor of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. In 2013, Rabbit Hole Brewing opened its doors on the whim, prayer and hard work of its three founders and began its journey by focusing on bringing underrepresented classic beer styles to North Texas. Since 2013, the stylistic reach of the Rabbit Hole Brewing has expanded and the unwavering commitment to unique and quality beer has not changed.

Always Remember, to never forget Craft Beer is FUN!!  Rabbit Hole Brewing strives to provide it’s customers, the craft beer veteran and new-recruit alike, not only with great beer but also with a story. Every new beer release establishes a mythos of product excellence, eccentricity and uniqueness and transports the consumer a little further down the craft beer Rabbit Hole.

Our Beers

Rapture Fusion Brown Ale

American Brown Ale