About RagnaRöck Northern Brewing Co.

At RagnaRöck, we aren't looking to be selective or picky...we like ALL types of beer! We have a few favorites that we'll try to always have available for you, but our new brews will change. Sometimes it might be something German, maybe a salute to the old country in the form of a British Ale, then some infusions, some fun experiments, and whatever else strikes our fancy. What we will do is make sure that every beer is a high quality craft brew that is full of flavour and originality.

We plan to have something for everyone's palate...strong, light, fruity, hoppy, unique, pungent...we aim to please. And if we don't have what you like, then by all means we want to know! Our head brewer is always up for new ideas, suggestions, and quality improvement comments.

At the moment, most of our beers are 'hops lite' - so most of our beers are easy on the bitterness, and more in the ale family.  These are easy, palatable beers that promote malt more than hops.  Our tap selection has grown since we opened and we are excited to keep trying new things.

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