About Red Dragon Brewery

We are a microbrewery located in Fredericksburg, Virginia and we are in search of artists, craftsman and those who enjoy the satisfaction of bringing ideas to life. If you love to feel the pride of other’s appreciation of your efforts, bringing enjoyment to their lives by your creations and sharing them with the world, we, at the Red Dragon want you to join us in our journey. Just like you, we want to share our creations with you and the world. We want you to experience and most importantly enjoy our creations and be part of this journey.

For the love of beer…

This love drives our passion to offer uncompromising quality in our products, producing world class beer using only the finest ingredients and an unwavering commitment to excellence. We are committed to our belief in quality first, cutting no corners to ensure that every glass is savored and enjoyed, leaving you longing for the next opportunity. In the beginning… Over the last 20 years a spark ignited a passion for home brewing. It was a sample of a home brew produced by a family member in a commercially obtained “beer kit”. Immediately the wheels began to spin and this passion quickly grew from a commercially obtained “beer kit” using extracts to a mini-brewery using all grain, water filtration and automation. No one knew this sampling and what was thought of as a hobby would turn into so much more. It was a way to try new things, methods and beer styles and share with friends and family. It was so well received that people would line up to fill their growlers and jump at any opportunity to come to what was affectionately referred to as “The Red Dragon Brewery’.

The Red Dragon Brewery gets its name from the red dragon which appears on the national flag of Wales, which has symbolized this Celtic nation for more than a millennium. The brewery is inspired by the owners’ ancestral roots in Ireland, Scotland, England, and in particular, Wales. So, it is with pride in this heritage that the Red Dragon Brewery is committed to producing the very finest of craft beers.

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+1 540-371-8100

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