About Rivington Brewing Co.

Our passion for the North West is paid back tenfold. We have local landlords who buy whatever we make, no matter the style - from barleywine to grisette - we’re really lucky that so many places support us because they likes our beers, and their customers love to try anything local.

We want to bring people to the area. We’re incredibly proud of our Lancashire roots and want to build on what we’ve seen in Manchester with people making good coffee, good food and good beer. Places like Preston are thriving with a fantastic up and coming beer scene. Making better beer is our way of contributing to that.

The people we look up to are all the brewers who are never content with the beers that they’re making ... you can always be better.

Beers made by Rivington Brewing Co.

Got Me A Drop Top

American Pale Ale (APA)

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Phone Number

+44 1257 480403