About Root Sellers Formidable Fermentables

Two guys met 10 years ago, became friends and loved to drink tasty beer.  
Those two guys, while on a tangent had an idea.  
They talked to another guy about their idea who could help build their idea into something better.  
Those three guys turned the idea into a reality and met the fourth guy who had another idea.  
Like a key and a lock, all the ideas came together and created a super idea.  
This super idea is Root Sellers! 

Innovation, creation, imagination and the relentless quest for the next new thing. 

Beers made by Root Sellers Formidable Fermentables

Pedal Hard Ginger Beer

Fruit / Vegetable Beer

Row Hard Root Beer

Fruit / Vegetable Beer

Brewery Contact

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Jefferson City, Missouri, United States

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