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The Rygene were a people group that in the Viking Age lived in the southwest, primarily in Rogaland.

We at RYGR have chosen 872 as "our" number, because this is traditionally considered the year of the Battle of Hafrsfjord.

Since the dawn of time, the Rygene have been a people on the move. It was here that the first Norwegians settled when the ice disappeared. They settled on the fertile Jæren and the Ryfylke Islands. The name Ryger means grain growers and on Jæren they found some of the very best growing soil in Norway. Wealth arose here. It was precisely wealth and not poverty that made Rygene go on voyages of discovery and trade out into the world. They left during the migration period and established the city of Rügen in today's Germany and Rugiland down by Vienna. In the Viking Age, this happened again.

The Vikings have long been known as pirates and warriors, but they were also skilled traders, craftsmen, farmers, fishermen, poets and explorers. It was the Vikings who developed a vessel that the far better organized and more prosperous societies on the continent did not have; the viking ship.

In Rogaland, the local wealthy chieftains could thus use their wealth to build and man large Viking ships, and continue the hunt for even greater riches on the other side of the North Sea. In the year 793, a band of warlike Vikings stormed ashore on the small island of Lindisfarne on the English east coast. These warriors, probably Rygers from Rogaland, killed the monks and robbed the monastery for valuables and thus wrote themselves into world history as the ones who started the Viking Age.

When Harald Hårfagre was to unite Norway almost a hundred years later, he already had Rygene on his side. They supported the king tank and in 872 the biggest naval battle ever took place in Norway, in Hafrsfjord, in the middle of Rygene's kingdom. Since then it was Hårfagre's descendants who were king in Norway. One of them was Olav Tryggvason. The mother Astrid came from Obrestad. Olav grew up in exile, but became King of Norway in 995, a good ally with our local chief Erling Skjalgsson from Sola, who married Olav's sister Astrid. Olav died in the year 1000 and Erling ruled in Western

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