About Saint Patrick's Brewing Company

Founded in 2012 by Chris Phelps. Saint Patrick’s Brewing Company’s primary mission is to use the freshest and highest quality ingredients to create craft beers that are deep, complex, very flavorful, balanced and smooth! Our secondary mission is to educate. Educate ourselves, educate our guests and educate all current/potential craft beer lovers about what craft beer was, is and what it can be!

Head brewer, Chris Phelps brought together old world brewing attitudes with European cooking philosophies and the creativity of his fine art background to develop a unique beer recipe creation theory. He combines Irish brewing traditions with French cooking theories (developing depth by layering flavors) and like the Italians, he uses only the best and freshest of ingredients.

Saint Patrick’s Brewing Company specializes in brewing lager beers. We brew traditional, experimental, and hybrid lagers. Beginning in 2016, we will expand our beer offerings to include ales with our educational series, the “Every Beer Project.” The project will kick off with the History of the India Pale Ale series. Just like Saint Patrick we want to educate the people, only our message is freshness, quality and what beer was, is, and the possibilities of what it can be.

We use the best grains from all over the world (U.S.A., Canada, Germany, U.K., South America, Belgium) to develop our complex grain bills (recipe of grains). In fact, our Imperial Oak Oatmeal Stout uses 14 different grains to create the thick, dark, rich and complex brew.

All of our craft beers are unfiltered to maintain the subtle flavors from the different yeast strains. We use more than 30 different yeast strains, as well as crafting our own hybrid yeasts to accentuate the desired characteristics in the final beer.

No matter your taste, Saint Patrick’s Brewing Company has a unique, world-class craft beer that will be easy drinking and deliver a mouthful of flavor with every sip!

Beers made by Saint Patrick's Brewing Company

American Barleywine Lager

American Barleywine

Belgian Barleywine Lager

American Barleywine

Belgian Imperial Pale Lager

American Double / Imperial Pilsner

Belgian Pale Lager

American Pale Lager


American Adjunct Lager

Centennial Amber Lager

Märzen / Oktoberfest

Chocolate Chili Stout

Milk / Sweet Stout

French Barleywine Lager

American Barleywine

Hugh Hefe


Lana'i Dry Hop Lager

American Pale Lager

Luminosity Lager

Munich Helles Lager

Marzen Oktoberfest

Märzen / Oktoberfest

Red Lager

American Amber / Red Lager

Brewery Contact

Saint Patrick's Brewing Company Address

2842 W. Bowles Ave
Denver, Colorado, United States

Phone Number

+1 720-420-9112

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