About Salem Brew Co.

Salem Brew Co beers are brewed at the 150 year old Salem Bridge Brewery, in Wainfleet.

The famous ‘witch city’ in the US, Massachusetts, Salem, actually derives its name from ‘Sela‘ which means the ‘Country Around the Hills’, whereas the Salem Bridge name derives from ‘sale home’, as Wainfleet was part of a busy port which the ships used to ‘sale home’ to in medieval times. Wainfleet certainly couldn’t be referred to as hilly! The brewers of Salem Brew Co beers say “The Countryside might be flat, but the beer isn’t”.

The Brewery’s association with America started when it commenced exporting its beers to America in the 1980s.

Beers made by Salem Brew Co.

Skull & Hammers

American IPA

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