The Saltbox house is identified by its sloping gable roof that gives it the asymmetrical shape of a lidded wooden box used to store salt during Loyalist times.  In those days, most brewing and drinking was done in the home.  Some say the lower roof line jutting out from the main part of the house was an addition to allow owners to incorporate a small brew room onto their living quarters.

The resurgence of craft brewing marks a renaissance of the kind of local brewing that took place before the Industrial Revolution – when making beer was a standard household chore as integral as baking bread.  

Incorporating the iconic Maritime architecture of the saltbox house into our logo is our nod to the notion that quality, small-batch beer brewing started in the home.  

At Salt Box Brewing Company, we celebrate the development of the skills and artistry required to create fresh, full-flavoured beer for consumption by the local community.  Our motto:  “think social, and drink local”.

“Traditional craftsmanship is perhaps the most tangible manifestation of intangible cultural heritage” 
                                                                                                                                          ~ UNESCO 

As rural areas turned into towns, certain home-based chores moved out of the home.  Bakeries were established for baking bread, and breweries for making beer.  The local brew house actually stimulated the local economy...trade accelerated when there was a central place to easily meet others and conduct business in comfortable surroundings.

​We like to think of our Tap Room as a comfortable place where other like-minded brewers and beer lovers can share their appreciation of locally crafted beers, and exchange information and ideas while sampling the variety of brews we have on tap.   Stop by and become part of our community:  "Saltbox beer: made by people you can talk to".    Our beers are served in pubs and restaurants in the region, including Mateus Bistro, Mug and Anchor, Grand Banker, Rope Loft, Battery Park, La Torta, Primal Kitchen, Rockhead,  White Point and others.

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