When the brewery was founded, British Columbia was known for the overwhelming  popularity of Lagers - people said it was pointless to try and sell Ales.  Good thing we didn’t listen because even though we only offered draught  Ale in the Vancouver area, people instantly became fans of our beer!   Soon, the idea of people taking our beer home sounded good so we started bottling and canning.   That led to more growth throughout British Columbia and…

By 1995, we had grown so much that we moved from Vancouver to the suburbs  in Delta.  By 1996, we needed to sell our brewing equipment,  so we sold it to a  start up brewery in Kelowna to help them get brewing.  We managed to stay independent until 1999 at which time we were purchased and moved to Vernon.    Over that time, we even found ourselves brewing with notorious brewers from Ontario to Japan.  Still following?  Good, because in February 2014, the brewery in Kelowna (still around) that purchased the brewhouse from us in 1996  (also still in use) to get themselves started wanted us back.  Which is where we now brew today – back in our original brewhouse.  In a way we came back home.

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