About Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse

Way up in the northwest, somewhere south of Alaska and North of Washington State, there’s a place called Sherwood Mountain. It’s surrounded on all sides by snow-capped peaks and raging rivers. Now, while Sherwood shares its name with a famous forest, it doesn’t mean it has a bunch of Englishmen swinging from tree to tree in green tights. But like that forest of the same name, it most definitely has a Friar.

This fella, this Friar, Tuck is his name, isn’t a spiritual man in the classical sense of the word but he does share many traits with those community-minded men of the cloth. His open and generous spirit has made him one that his friends depend on, and he’s known far and wide for his love of beer. From lagers to stouts to saisons to IPAs, the Friar has made friends with them all.

The Friar’s love for beer has taken him all over the new world, and eventually to the old one where he learned the art of the worthy ale from Europe’s finest brew masters. After a time the Friar felt the pull of the mountains and so began his journey back to that place where the rivers roar, the salmon run and the air is crisp. Ordained by the lofty peaks and deep valleys, he returned.

Home again, the Friar now produces refreshing European style pilsners and flavourful American session ales at his brewery, Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse. On occasion, the Friar will brew up small batches of what he calls “the Friar’s finest” with friends from around the world.

Stories of the Friar’s journeys, and of his beers, travel far and wide. People gather at the Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse to listen to his jovial tales, and to tell their own animated accounts of adventures on the wild rivers and in the snow-capped peaks, all while tucking into a pint of the Friar’s finest. Let the Friar pour you one in his favourite mug, and soak in this special place in the new world named after the beloved mountains that drew him home.

Beers made by Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse

Friar House Lager

American Pale Lager

Seven Sisters Stout

Irish Dry Stout

Skeena Sunshine Saison

Saison / Farmhouse Ale

Skeena West Pale Ale

American Pale Ale (APA)

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