About Siren Craft Brew

The Sirens of Greek mythology would entice mariners with their magical songs. Their voices would entwine into a complex, layered melody. At Siren Craft Brew, we work in a similar way, combining four ingredients that interact together in magical ways to create our ales. Each beer is individual, overflowing with flavour, aroma and texture. Each holds its own secret. Each is a little dangerous.

Liquid Mistress, Under Current, Sound Wave and Broken Dream are here to tease, sway and persuade. They gently beckon you to a new world of taste. Let yourself be carried away. Be enticed…

Beers made by Siren Craft Brew

Odyssey 008

Flanders Oud Bruin

Soundwave IPA

American IPA

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Phone Number

+44 118 973 0929