About Skygazer Brewing Company

Founded in 2017

Skygazer Brewing Company opened its doors to the public in March 2019 with an intent to stir things up and make some noise in the then quickly expanding Connecticut craft beer scene. Since the beginning, our focus hasn’t shifted. Push boundaries. Draw the most flavor and expression out of unique ingredients. Explore ideas and concepts that others won’t. Incorporate a style of art and brand that resonate with craft beer drinkers who like to think big. All while keeping an eye to the sky …

A Modern Approach to Craft Beer

This isn’t beer!
How could you call this a beer?!
This is not what beer is supposed to be!

We’ve heard it all and guess what? We don’t care.

The limitations on what defines a beer are being taken apart and rebuilt into something new. We live in a golden age of craft beer where style advancement, ingredient experimentation and open mindedness are key tenets of progression.

We define that progression as the overall state of what this community represents. Craft beer should feel welcoming. It should excite people. It should continuously draw and invite newcomers with open arms.

It should see an increase in diversity and ultimately become something that cannot be found in any other type of product community.

It’s true; there is nothing quite like a cold, crispy, German pilsner. Tried and true. Built upon tradition and heritage. That said there’s also nothing quite like a heavily fruited sour with cheesecake, marshmallow or cream!

We say, live and let live!

Beers made by Skygazer Brewing Company

Watercolors: Brunchy Colada

American Wild / Sour Ale

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