About Slow Hand Beer Company

We brew a constantly rotating selection of small-batch beers. While we don't wish to restrict our creativity by declaring that we only brew this or that style of beer (we may or may not have made such declarations in the past, feel free to forget we ever said anything), our beers tend to be on the lighter, crisper, sessionable side of things. Expect beers a variety of beer styles from all over the world, some brewed to style, and some with creative twists.

Beers made by Slow Hand Beer Company


Czech Pilsner

Cerveza Motueka

American Adjunct Lager


Czech Pilsner

Munich Helles

Munich Helles Lager


German Pilsener

Světlý Ležák 12

Euro Pale Lager

Tmavy Pivo 13

Euro Dark Lager

Vienna Lager

Vienna Lager

Brewery Contact

Phone Number

+1 (778) 819-2252

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