About Smugglers Trail

Longtime rugby teammates Jamie Overgaard and Stephen Gregorig founded Smugglers Trail in 2017.  Jamie and Stephen don’t always agree on things.  But one thing the two headstrong friends finally managed to agree on was that Langley deserves something more.  Langley needs more beer!

Since its inception, Smugglers Trail has been developing high quality, hand crafted beers.  Our products remind us of the familiar British Beers of the past while calling to us from our West Coast Canadian future.

The craft beer experience is centered around community. Sharing a beer with others supports conversation and connection. With that understanding, we decided to open our own brewery and restaurant: a place where you can drink, eat and share stories.

The Name

Our name was inspired by the colourful legends of smugglers and miners who travelled these parts during the Gold Rush. The Smugglers Trail was a secret route for enterprising outlaws to transport gold, beer and other desirable goods through these parts, while dodging British tax collectors and authorities. 

We were inspired by the tales of these cheeky bandits to pursue our own path too. The adventurers who blazed this trail and took big risks were resourceful, driven – and yes – a little edgy.  Jamie and Stephen are really no different.  So, one thing became clear: the name is a perfect fit.

Our Beers

Our signature beers pay homage to local rogues and the legends they left behind. 

We specialize in classic styles for every occasion, crafted from the best ingredients we can get our hands on. Our beers are always balanced, and never boring. 

Get a taste of Langley’s unauthorized history.

Tasting Room

Now we’re opening our own brewery and tasting room in Langley, just a stone’s throw from the original Smugglers Trail, and expanding our program of quality beers and cask-conditioned ales to include some seasonals, special collaborations, and more.  The tasting room boasts full kitchen which prepares dishes that suit any taste and flavours that pair perfectly with our beers.

Meet you at the Trailhead.

Beers made by Smugglers Trail

Canoe Chase IPA

American IPA

Captain Stone Lager

American Adjunct Lager

Flaskers British Ale

English Brown Ale

Brewery Contact

Phone Number

+1 (778) 705-1880

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