About Something In The Water Brewing Company

When something uncommonly incredible has happened with seemingly no plausible explanation, we say: there must be something in the water.

So when it came time to name our new beer company, it seemed apropos. We make curiously sour beers with just a hint of sweetness. You bet your sweet bippy there’s something in our water.

Something in the Water beer is best enjoyed with family and friends by the water.

Cottage hangs; Secret fishing holes; Charity dunk tanks; Creeks or cricks. Pools or ponds (ponds might be better for you); The best times we’ve had have been on or near water. It’s why we’re naming all of our beers after our favourite bodies of water.  Lee River Blackberry Vanilla sour is the first of many beers we’ll be brewing named after our favourite bodies of water. We kind of have to. Our marketing guy said so.

Something in the Water will be donating 5 cents from every can purchased to water conservation.

Beers made by Something In The Water Brewing Company

Lee River Blackberry Vanilla

American Wild / Sour Ale

Brewery Contact

Something In The Water Brewing Company Address

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Phone Number

+1 (647) 823-5848

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