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Our Story

When we opened our brewery and roastery in 2018, we couldn’t help but find inspiration in the honest, hardworking people who, through the decades and centuries, made our home in Belmont Village what it is today. Whether it was the night shift workers at the Dominion Tire plant, the pioneer Brewmasters providing a green space for their neighbours in Uptown Waterloo, or the labourers who built the Iron Horse Trail railway to connect Kitchener and Waterloo; our community and its history lay at the heart of all we do.

We believe that there is true reward in a well-earned drink after a hard day’s work. Like those who came before us, supporting our neighbours and making our home a better place for everyone are the principles we live by. It is this work ethic and neighbourly responsibility that we have aspired to throughout our initial years, and is a spirit we will carry forward with us as we take our next steps as a company.

The Next Chapter

The answer to what’s next is in what came before and what lies ahead.

Built on agriculture and industry, the origin of the village of St. Jacobs dates back to 1844 when settlers slowly built various mills and hotels, as well as a blacksmith, general store, and post office. Over a century later, the St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market was established in 1975 by eight farmers who worked together to form The Stockyard Farmers’ Market. The collaborative spirit and shared vision of those eight founders have inspired us, a company of two local families, to renew the Stockyards name with the belief that one should take care in what they do, pride in where they live, and responsibility for what they leave behind.

As the first step on this journey, we have begun construction in the St. Jacobs Market District on our next brewery and roastery. Located in the agricultural heart of Ontario, cultivation and sustainability will be at the core of everything we do. As a collective with deep historical and agricultural roots in Waterloo Region, we will take pride in supporting the very farms and farmers that make where we are and what we create possible.

Our new home, much like our current one, will be a place for enthusiastic, courageous, and caring individuals who want to craft something new, hope to make a difference, and are daring enough to try. Similar to our predecessors, we will continue to pour our hearts into everything we do, crafting with character and care to create something we hope you’ll enjoy and be proud to support. 

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