Our journey began in 2004 when a father and son decided to start a brewery to produce world class craft beer which would measure up to Taiwan’s rich culinary history. The Chinese name “金色三麦” translates to “The Golden Malts” and pays homage to our three original brews: Dark Lager, Amber Lager, and Wheat Beer.

Since our inception, it was our goal to brew a range of creative, specialty beers. In 2009, we crafted the first batches of our flagship Honey lager, brewed with Taiwanese Longan honey. Our hard work came to fruition in 2014 when the American Brewer’s Association awarded our Longan Honey Lager with a Gold Medal in the honey beer category. This international recognition drove us to further dedicate our efforts to make ever more inspiring beers – and to truly perfect our skills as craftspeople.

In 2016 we established the SUNMAI brand to demonstrate our evolution as a Taiwanese brewery.The logo is derived from a combination of the Chinese “三” character as a tribute to the three original beers, and the shape of a beer barrel. Our new brand represents both our respect to brewing tradition and our own origins, while also expressing our ambitions to develop a range of craft beers with authentic flavors that can be enjoyed by anyone, at anytime, anywhere in the world.

Beers made by SUNMAI

Buckwheat Lager

Dortmunder / Export Lager

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