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Founded in 2021 by Renaud Gouin, Ludovic Plaisant and Shawn Duriez - supported by Ranko, Will and Hugues, the dynamic trio of handsome boys behind Matera brewers - Swilling is an alliance of seven partner brewers, who cooperate to improve their presence in the hearts of retailers and consumers.

We believe that this work goes through the transmission and sharing of our passion, the faithful representation of the values and the spirit of our partner brewers, a keen knowledge of the microbrewery market as well as the pleasure of working with hard-working people. to promote our products.

The last few years have seen a considerable increase in the number of microbreweries in Quebec, and a gargantuan choice of quality products is now available to consumers. The industry is going well, no one is complaining about it. But the beer retailer's job is getting more and more complex: keeping up with new products that are released at an astounding rate and choosing those that are likely to appeal to their customers now requires a considerable investment of time and energy.

Our mission at Swilling is to offer personalized, attentive service focused on the needs of retailers in order to optimize their sales and those of our brewing partners. The alliance of brewers behind our company has a dual objective:

  • building a small but diversified portfolio that can meet all tastes while remaining on a human scale;

  • the organization of a sales force large enough to cover the whole of Quebec while offering a personalized service based on advice, sales follow-up and the real needs of our customers.

In other words, at Swilling, we prioritize quality over quantity, and believe that each of the products we represent has its place and relevance in the market today.

Beers made by Swilling

IPA Tropicale

American IPA

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+1 (514) 543-5665

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