Located in Clearwater County, near Caroline, Alberta, Tamarack Jack's Honey and Meadery buzzes with activity and excitement. Our bees work endlessly to make the honey that gave us our start. You see, at the meadery, we use our very own raw honey that comes from the various wildflowers and plant species that surround us. Fortunately, we are not located near any canola or other harmful, pesticide sprayed fields, so our bees are safe and our honey is extraordinary.

As humble farmers, we live for serving the great people of Alberta only the best. That is what you can expect when you try our mead. Made from all Canadian ingredients, our mead is light, refreshing and different! We put a new world spin on an ancient recipe that will be sure to leave you wanting more.

The process to get our Class E Cottage Winery, Class D General Off Sales and Class B Tourist  Facility Licences, was a long, hard journey but worth it! Having been open only since August of 2017, Tamarack Jack's friends and family have been working tirelessly to provide our fellow Albertans with a product that we are passionate about and truly believe in.


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Buzz Saw Carbonated Mead

Fruit / Vegetable Beer

Sawyer Hopped Mead

Fruit / Vegetable Beer

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Tamarack Jack's Honey and Meadery

Caroline, Alberta, Canada

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