About Thunderhawk Alements

Thunderhawk Alements is an independent microbrewery founded by natives of San Diego; Bill Lindsay and Jonathan Barbarin. We have been friends for 26 years and have been brewing together since 2010. In 2014 our passion for homebrewing turned to obsession, and our garage became flooded with new ideas, inspiration, and of course, brewing equipment. With encouragement and support from our family and friends we set out on a mission to open a small sustainable brewery. Thunderhawk operates a 1 barrel, electric brew house located in the Miramar area of San Diego, California with the goal of producing 200 barrels in our first year of operation.

[unknown-2] As outdoor junkies, we want to create and package beers with sustainability in mind. Our long-term goal is to can Thunderhawk Alements’ beer in what we believe is the best pack-in, pack-out container available, the Aluminum Can. That would conveniently offer our customers beers that can be transported on any outdoor excursion and brought home to recycle. Our small microbrewery facility is the first step to a production brewery and canning line and hopefully with the support of the San Diego community we can reach that goal.

Inspired by adventure and diversity in culture, Thunderhawk hopes to reflect experiences and tastes found throughout our travels in a worldly offering of beer styles and flavor profiles. At the end of the day we hope our customers can feel good about how Thunderhawk beer tastes, how it’s made, and where your dollar ends up. All Hail the Mighty Thunderhawk!

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+1 619 952 4832

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