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Our greatest love is Belgian yeast and we use it in most of our beers. We find that the spicy phenols of our house yeast make our beers taste really special. But to do this, we have to make a really well balanced beer. The yeast can enhance flavours, for example in our Star Anise Porter, and help create perfect harmony. However, with IPAs we have to use a tad less hops than some breweries, to create a hoppy beer that isn’t fighting, so to speak, with our yeast.

In 2016 we started exploring other yeasts, to ensure that every beer we create has perfect balance. For example, when creating fruit beers, it can be good to use a yeast that has similar flavours to the fruit, so the two aren’t competing for attention!

In 2017 we plan to explore yeast even more, looking at blending different strains  to create new styles. Or even, blending similar yeasts, to help maximise the flavour and/or clarity of a beer. Opening the door to a much more exciting TicketyFew list, our limited edition monthly specials.

We are also excited that with our pilot kit, we will be able to explore the link between hop aroma and yeast. We are sure there are reactions catalysed by the yeast used in beer. But to what extent does the yeast affect these reactions and how do different yeasts alter them, when everything else about the beer remains the same?

Being able to focus on questions like this in 2017, makes us all really happy, and reminds us that we are working in our dream job!

Beers made by The TicketyBrew Company


American Blonde Ale



Houblen Dobbelen IPA Tripel

American Double / Imperial IPA

Jasmine Green Tea

English Pale Ale


Kellerbier / Zwickelbier

Pale Ale

American Pale Ale (APA)

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