In 1910 The Alberta Surveyors Act specified the initial strategy and methodology for land surveys province wide under the authority of the Director of Surveys, laying the groundwork for today's provincial township system.

Alberta's township grid was laid out on an astronomic basis, with north-south and east-west lines following lines of latitude and longitude. Early surveyors established six north-south meridians, with the Fourth Meridian being the Alberta - Saskatchewan boarder. They then laid out township lines parallel to latitude lines, extending northward from the Canada- US border on the 49th parallel to the 60th parallel.

Township Line 24 extends from Empress in the east to Canmore in the west, and the agricultural land surrounding Township 24 produces some of the highest quality malt barley in the world, regularly drawing craft brewers from across North America and as far as Korea and South Africa. That spirit of Alberta's early surveyors, who laid out the province allowing for the development of a local agriculture industry that's the envy of craft brewers worldwide, is what inspires us and forms the basis of everything we create.

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