About Trider's Craft Beer

Trider's Craft Beer is proud to be a family run venture with Joe, and Laura heading operations at our Amherst brewery. We aren't anything special - just two people who love Cumberland County and beer!

Before making the leap into selling beer and pushing product, we were often found working our day jobs and anxiously watching the clock. The minute the clock struck 5 it was off to the brew shed in Maccan on Trider Road. Many long days and blurry nights over the last decade in that brew shed trying new recipes and playing with different hops is where it all started. We're more than proud of what Joe Potter, our Brew Master, can pour up. He's the talk of the town and we really hope to share his passion with you. 

Joe is an accomplished musician as well as a former Lawyer here in Cumberland County. Although he's always open for a good debate, Joe grew tired of the lawyer lifestyle as the man behind the tie and turned to his favorite hobby of brewing beer. "If only brewing beer could pay my bills" Joe thought. Who knew this would be the start of something so special! Laura loves helping animals at her day job as a veterinary assistant and refuses to quit.  Laura has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to managing retail locations as her past experience shows and will be tackling the role of Operations Manager.

We are fortunate to have a diverse and committed team who help to keep the wheels turning on this ever growing machine! 

We pride ourselves on our roots here in Cumberland County and will do our best to source the most local products, and reflect our county culture and history in our beer names and stories! 

Beers made by Trider's Craft Beer

Scotian Pale

English Bitter

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+1 (902) 614-8983

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