About Two Islands Brewing

How it all Began

It began over coffee in 2015 when David Beattie, Wendell Gallagher, Tom MacLaren and Norman Rafuse all recognized that it was time to do something that would make a difference in our community. Ideas flowed, were explored, and thrown aside... until we hit on the idea of a business that would provide employment, support the growing tourism sector, improve the image of Main Street and give a possible modest return on our time and investment dollars. The company was formed in July of 2017. The goal? To open a small craft brewery.

What's in a Name

Photo of Painting of Two Islands by Alan Bull at the 2019 Plarrsboro International Plein Air FestivalThe name - "Two Islands Brewing Company" - was inspired by the two basalt islands located along the Parrsboro shore, an area steeped in Mi-Kmaq legends of Glooscap. The steep sided islands are home to bald eagles, gulls, old growth hardwood forest and rare plants. Early Europen settlers named the islands Eagle and Gull, due to the presence of nesting birds. Today the islands are often referred to as "The Brothers". Two Islands were formed 200 million years ago by basalt outpourings during the breakup of the super continent Pangea and shaped by the world's highest tides. In 2016 the islands became a protected area with Nova Scotia Trust, and are now part of the Cliffs of Fundy UNESCO Global Geopark.

Working For Our Community

Working for your community begins with people. New ideas and new projects that will change the face of the community need public support and commitment. Almost as soon as the company was formed, invitations to be a part of the investor’s group were offered to people from the community who had expressed support for the concept. As of September 2018, seventeen members of the community have invested not only their dollars but their belief that working together can create positive change to their community.

Working management of the company remains with the original founding four, and will until their vision is realized and the operation is a success.

Beers made by Two Islands Brewing

By the Bay Blonde Ale

American Blonde Ale

Brewery Contact

Phone Number

+1 (902) 728-2221

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