About Whitewall Brewing Company

Our company was founded on the idea of helping those in the Marysville area with a great need. The need for Craft Beer. The area between Everett and Mt Vernon only had one craft brewery. The area was begging for additional breweries. Thus Whitewall Brewing Company was formed.
Marysville's first Craft Brewery is producing the highest quality ales for the area residents, both near and far. We have ten taps in the tasting room, which is combined with the brewery. 
Our team is made up two couples. Sean and Laurel Wallner, and Aaron and Lori Wight. The name of the company is a mashup of the last names of the couples.
Brewing experience between Sean and Aaron exceeds 20 years. 
Sean has been a homebrewer for 7+ years. He still holds down a day job for a local aerospace company. Sean had been looking at starting a brewery out of his house, but soon realized that it wasn't going to work. When he started looking into opening in a warehouse environment, he quickly realized he wouldn't be able to do it on his own. He then asked Aaron if he was interested in starting a brewery. His favorite Whitewall Beer is Oxymoron Black IPA.
Aaron has been a homebrewer off and on for more than 15 years. He started on his kitchen stove making extract beer. He took a break from homebrewing in the early 2000s to get married and buy a house. Once settled into the new house, and it was time to get back into brewing. He quickly became invloved in the local Homebrewers club, the Stillymashers, which is where he met Sean. When Sean approached Aaron about opening a brewery, he responded with "when I retire from Boeing." Sean's response to that was "no, now." It took a while and a lot of proding from Sean, but Aaron finally agreed, and Whitewall Brewing Company was formed in October 2013. Aaron's favorite Whitewall Beer is Dirt Track Brown Ale.

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Sean and Aaron spent the late summer of 2013 looking for a space that would be the perfect fit for their small brewery. There were many trips to local breweries, talking to owners and brewers, picking their brains on what to expect when opening a brewery. There may have been a couple of beers consumed during this research as well, but just one or two. 
It was decided that the brewery would start small and grow as funds became available. After acquiring the space in a warehouse just south of the Smokey Point area, the work began. The build out of the brewery was done mostly by the two couples with the help of friends and family. Sean's dad did all of the plumbing work. Aaron and Sean dug up the concrete  for the floor drain. There was lots of staining, painting and cleaning done by all including Lori and Laurel. After 5 months of build out, and paying rent on a space without any income, their accounts drained, it was time to open on March 1, 2014.
The brewery received its brewer's notice at the end of January 2014. For the month of February it was time to start brewing. Sean and Aaron brewed like crazy for the next 5 weeks on the small 2 BBL system they had purchased.

Beers made by Whitewall Brewing Company

Bias Ply

American IPA

Smokey Point

American Pale Ale (APA)

Brewery Contact

Phone Number

+1 (360) 454-0464

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