About Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery

Christian, the founder of Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery, was raised on Springbrook Farm, the home of Wolves & People. After his first (awful) home brew encouraged a string of halfway drinkable ones, he started dreaming about building this brewery during his freshman year. After a year researching ancient brewing techniques in Europe & West Africa in 1996-7 on a crazy grant program he worked in wineries, breweries, a barrel cooperage, and later as a travel and beer writer based in New York City for nine years, publishing a lot of articles (mostly on beer) in the NYT, Food+Wine, GQ, Men's Journal, and National Geographic Adventure. He's a co-inventor of a stainless steel beer growler (The Bräuler), cofounder and Editorial Director of Weekly Pint (a beer newsletter), coauthor of a cookbook, BEER BITES (Chronicle Books, 2015), and author of THE GREAT AMERICAN ALE TRAIL (Running Press, 2016). 

Wolves & People is dedicated to brewing modern American interpretations of styles that have been slowly perfected over many generations across the great brewing nations of Belgium, primarily, but also France, Germany, England, Scandinavia, Netherlands, and the Czech Republic. From true farmhouse saisons to Belgian stouts, wild ales, sour and barrel-aged beers using our heirloom fruits and nuts, a few classic lagers and many styles both experimental and arcane, Wolves & People beers are designed to be, first-and-foremost, sociable. Friendly. Approachable. Intriguing. Like the Bavarian pioneer who settled the land (and town) we call home to grow oats, wheat, and hops, we will brew as much as we can from this very spot of verdant, fertile ground, fed by Springbrook Creek on its way to the Willamette River.

Using mixed fermentations—maturations of beer using a variety of yeast cultures both "pure" and wild, harvested from the ambient microflora of our Northern Willamette Valley farm—many of Wolves & People's beers will be aged in American and French oak casks formerly used for wines and spirits, and find their happiest home on the dinner table, at the beach, or in your cooler.

Brewery Contact

Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery Address

30203 NE Benjamin Rd
Newberg, Oregon, United States

Phone Number

+1 503-487-6873

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