About Woodland Empire Ale Craft

Husband and wife team Rob and Keely Landerman fell in love with beer together and early on knew that they would one day open their own brewery. After years of tinkering, learning, and gaining experience in the brewing industry they set out to open Woodland Empire Ale Craft based on their love of handcrafting quality and engaging beer. Tom Dolan, our CFO, and Dusty Schmidt came on as partners to help gain funding and make the dream a reality.

Woodland Empire Ale Craft was founded on certain principals:

Honesty– in all things. From our artwork, to our beers, to the sources of our ingredients, to the atmosphere of our tasting room, how we treat our employees, our customers and our community.

Quality– The difference between craft beer and mass-produced beer lies in an unquantifiable quality. Mass-produced beer has the highest achievable quality in terms of shelf stability and purification. Our beer has the highest achievable quality in terms of soul and principal. It comes from within, it is designed to inspire and encourage, to be engaging and not just to be consumed.

Integrity–  We strive to make beer that not only tastes and smells good, but that is made from ingredients that are not taxing on the soil and that come from farms with ideals in line with our own. We think not only about the style of beer we want to brew, but its impact on the environment and the way in which people will enjoy it.

Woodland Empire is our tongue-in-cheek way of saying “City of Trees,” which is the nickname for the great city in which we live. Why “Ale Craft?” Making beer is a trade, a craft. In our minds that level of quality that separates mass-produced from craft beer is the thought behind its creation. We are not an industrialized factory cranking out barcodes. There is thought and imagination in our beer, something more than just a product, and so we chose Ale Craft to describe the kind of company we are, rather than “brewing company.”

Beers made by Woodland Empire Ale Craft

Barrel Fiend Club Blackberry

American Wild / Sour Ale

Chapter Two

English Barleywine

Cozy Up

Milk / Sweet Stout

Brewery Contact

Woodland Empire Ale Craft Address

1114 W Front Street
Boise, Idaho, United States

Phone Number

+1 (208) 426-0510

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