We've spent significant time doing market research (drinking beer) and developed a taste for some of the best craft beers around. We truly respect the innovators and leaders of the craft beer industry (Dogfish Head, Stone, Rogues, Bells, Founders, etc...). We aim to produce every beer to the standards of our favorite beers from the breweries we admire.

Founded in 2013, we are not just Worthington's only craft brewery, we are unique in that we focus on high gravity, full bodied ales. Body is the sensation of fullness of a beer on the palate, while gravity refers to the dissolution of sugars during fermentation, which results in a beer’s alcoholic strength. Full body, high gravity means a big mouth feel and a generally higher alcohol by volume percentage. You don't pound these down, you sip slowly and savor the goodness.

Big beers only. It’s what we do.