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The longest journey begins with A Single Step and the movement which some call the Craft Beer Revolution has been a long time coming.

Zerodegrees’ Craft Beer Story

Back in 1999, we got strange looks when we said we were going to brew our own beer and cook pizza from fresh in a wood fired oven and all in the same place.

A lot’s changed since then – more staff, more venues and more fans. However, a lot has stayed the same. We still brew all of our beers and cook our pizzas on site – it doesn’t get more local than that.

if you go down to zerodegrees today...

We set up our first brewery in Blackheath in 2000 and to this day it remains the only brewery in town.Our brewery is set smack bang in the middle of the restaurant. Come in during the day and see our brewers in action, who knows they may even tell you what they’re up to. Normally, it’s all about two things – core brews and new brews. We have an award winning range including a Pilsner, Pale Ale and Black lager, as well as a seasonal range that changes every month – expect anything from Saisons to stout, porter to passion fruit beer.

no hide and seek

We’re all for a good game – but when it comes to pizzas we’re not about to start messing around. Our wood fired oven, like our brewery, is on show for all to see. Our chefs aren’t shy and cook fresh in front of diners every night. We don’t try and be all things to all men – a simple, laid back menu of pizza, pasta, mussels and salads is on offer every day. Our ingredients, like our beers, are fresh; tomato sauce and cheese from Italy (of course!) and mussels straight from the sea.We want everyone to enjoy our food so talk to us about our gluten free pizza bases and pasta, vegan friendly meals and nut free dishes.

Our loyal guests are a true testament to the success of us, we invite you to join us and be a part of the passion to drive fresh craft beer even further.

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