Now, as summer is among us, it is Coterie Chic's pleasure to announce the creation of the first annual Barrio Logan local beer tasting festival: Summerwood 2018, scheduled for Saturday, July 21st at Ol'Fashioned Lumber Warehouse from 6pm-11pm. We are incorporating the community’s major surrounding breweries, local eateries, a handful of vendors, and performance by the lead singer for Santana, ANDY VARGAS and his band Souleros).

Because of our close ties with the Barrio, our emphasis on the community is at the foreground of our work. We have partnered with Love Thy Neighbor, whose mission is to “inspire, empower and love.” LTN is committed to supporting basic human needs of the less fortunate by coordination of meals, clothing, shelter, and community outreach events such as toy and food drives. All alcohol proceeds will be donated to this organization. 

Alta Brewing Co.
Amplified Ale works Brewery 
Attitude Brewing Co.
Border X Brewing 
Embarcadero Brewing & Supply 
Iron Fist Brewing
Latchkey Brewery 
Mission Brewery 
Pure Project Brewing 
Resident Brewing 
Thorn Brewing Co.