The calendar this year includes 5 days of music and many types of beers (among which many are artisan and even beer for celiacs). This line-up will truly satisfy everyone’s tastebuds and musical preferences.

Every year the festival is enriched with events, is livened up with concerts and a bit of color is added with the on-site market. This musical performances brings hundreds of people together who are looking to have a good time, let lose and let the music (and beer) flow! The night is young, the food is delicious and the company gets better and better... I suggest you don’t let this great opportunity to hang with friends and family in a friendly environment.

The festival is dedicated to music and beer and over the course of the last eleven years has a calendar rich and diverse including evenings of rock, pop, folk, raggae and even a few shows and surprises. The 5 nights include a line up of national and local names that will keep you swaying to the rhythm all night long: the Modena City Ramblers, Willie Peyote, Tonino Carotone just to name a few! The festival is from May 16th theough the 20th and encourage you not to miss out!