After an already successful 1st performance come join us for a second performance of Drunken Masters: Shakespeare Part 1: Death, an evening of monologues how you’ve (mostly) never heard them before: drunk! We’ve all seen Hamlet, but what happens if a drunk at a bar ponders the eternal “to be or not to be” question to whoever’ll listen? Hilarity ensues, right!? Exactly! We’ve cherry picked the words of the ubiquitous bard that encapsulate life, death, and the macabre and have juxtaposed them over more modernized (and intoxicated) characters. Your favorite brewery staff, Stephen and Brendan will be your guides through this death riddled romp. Tickets are $6. That covers a reserved seat and your first pint. (Make sure you get your pint ticket when you check in.) There’s only 32 spots for each performance, so sign up before you lose your chance to see this one-of-a-kind show!