Beer and a sandwich . . . it's already a perfect pair!

How about seven different beers with seven different sandwiches?

We'll be serving 7 courses of slider-sized sandwiches, each paired with a delicious craft beer.

It's going to be a great evening.

Here's the Beer List and Menu:

1. Beer: Alley Kat Prairie Pounder Penhold Pilsner (Edmonton)

Sandwich: Traditional Cuban (roasted pork, ham, provolone cheese, pickles mayo mustard)

2. Beer: Origin Legal Issues Scottish Export Ale (Strathmore)

Sandwich: Marble Rye and Tuna (sliced tuna, dill sauce, red onion, capers)

3. Beer: Boom Box Brewing Arcade Glow Pale Ale (Vancouver)

Sandwich: Chicken Bruschetta (chicken breast, provolone, bruschetta on panini bread)

4. Beer: Dog Island Brewing Saints and Sinners IPA (Slave Lake)

Sandwich: Voodoo Chicken Jamaican Flatbread (spicy grilled chicken and cheese on naan bread)

5. Beer: Grain Bin Red Willow Amber Ale (Grand Prairie)

Sandwich: Roast Beef and Havarti (roast beef, onions, creamy Havarti, dill-sauce, on panini bread)

6. Beer: Troubled Monk Pesky Pig Pale Ale (Red Deer)

Sandwich: Sicilian Sandwich (capicola, salami, mortadella, provolone, on panini bread)

7. Beer: Bench Creek Legends Extra Old Ale (2017 Release) (Edson)

Sandwich: Guinness Ice Cream Sandwich (ice cream, wafers)