Create your own craft beer recipe. You will select hops and malts to create your recipe in the style you like, whether Ale (IPA, APA, etc), Stout, Porter, Witbier, or any other.

Sunday March 17, 2019 
Hours: 10:30 am-5:30pm 
Cost: $ 1,090 MXN 
Group Discount (3 or more people): 15% 
Includes: 6 beers that you design and prepare!

For more information, call or write by WhatsApp at (55) 5351 0707, or write to

During the workshop you will try different malts, and hops. You will understand the factors that affect the color, aroma, and taste of beer. You will choose different ingredients, and design and prepare your craft beer recipe from start to finish. You will go up to the garden and choose different herbs to add flavor to your beer. The workshop is practical and theoretical. The agenda is as follows: 

• beer styles 
• Types of malt and characteristics 
• T ypes of hops and their characteristics 
• Design of beer according to flavor, color, aroma and bitterness 
• Calculation of malts and hops to create the recipe 
• Adding flavorings in beer
• Use of clarifiers 
• Process of progressing maceration 
• Defects in beer and how to solve them