The After Hours Brew Tour is the ultimate Washington DC nightlife experience. The tour kicks off by showcasing both the old school breweries of DC and the latest school of Nano/micro breweries to open in the area. The After Hours Brew Tour includes a sampling of up to 16 different beers, dinner and beer pairing at Capitol City Brewing Co/Brookland Pint/ District Chophouse, and a designated home-brewing driver. Whether guests prefer lighter beers or richer bolder brews, The After Hours Brew Tour provides a unique and exciting way to experience the craft beer scene in the nation’s after dark.

What this tour cost includes:

  • Beer samples at the breweries/locations we visit (trust us, we provide plenty)
  • VIP tours at 3-4 breweries (All tours include 4 stops!)
  • An awesome beer and food pairing Dinner at Brookland Pint/District Chophouse/Capitol City Brewing
  • Safe and sober transportation in our awesome brew vans
  • Our charismatic and hilarious beer connoisseur/tour guide
  • The history of DC’s beer scene
  • Beer journal for tasting notes
  • City Brew Tour VIP Lanyards and 3 post cards to send to a loved one or your greatest enemy- we won’t judge.

Tour Schedule

  1. 5:00PM ~ Monday-Wednesday:  Stops could could include (Port City Brewing//Capitol City Brewing//District Chophouse//Brookland Pint//Bardo Brewpub)
  2. 5:00PM & 5:30PM ~ Thursday-Sunday: Stops could include: Port City Brewing//Brookland Pint//Capitol City Brewing//District Chophouse//Bardo//Hellbender

* Please note that tour venues and details may change without notice due to unforeseen circumstances