For Travis Rupp, the best way to bring ancient civilizations back to life is in a pint glass. Rupp is Adjunct Instructor of Classics, Art History, History, and Anthropology in the University of Colorado Classics Department & Research and Development Manager & Beer Archaeologist at Avery Brewing Company.

Travis will take us on a journey from the earliest roots of fermented cereals in the Ancient Near East and Egypt to an exploration of beer production in regions previously thought to be void of beer. Though their literature demonstrates heavy domination by the grape, Travis aims to prove that beer was a critical component of Greek and Roman life and a staple of the ancient Mediterranean that bound (and binds) all of Western culture together.

We will be wrapping it up with some live bluegrass with a trio from Big Time Rascals from 3-5 PM. The Road Runner will be serving New Mexico street food all day!